We believe women can advance their career by learning to play golf. They often miss key opportunities with their colleagues, clients and leadership because they do not feel confident enough to say yes.  We offer a program where women can learn how to play golf through the coaching by world class women golf professionals as well as be in a supportive environment. Take your seat in the cart and we don't mean the beverage cart. 

3 Phases

As a member of the program you will go through 3 phases in our program. Phase 1 covers the basics, Phase 2 gets you out onto the course and Phase 3 inspires you to apply golf to your career


Empowering Women Through the Game of Golf

Coaching Sessions

Sessions are taught Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings by our professional coaches.  Additional sessions are added as the program grows. Click on the Program tab for more info and to register


Each month of the season includes getting out on the course, mock tournaments, field trips to source golf gear and networking events. You will meet other women on this journey and together you will take your seat in the cart! And we don't mean the beverage cart.


I had never even held a golf club in my hand and hit the ball in my first lesson!

- Nancy C.

What a fun way to learn golf and I am so much more confident talking about it at work now.

- Diane M., CEO

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Jackie Cannizzo at Pebble Beach 2