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Glove Power

September 07, 2017

LPGA star Lexi Thompson is well known for her bright and coordinated gloves out on the golf course.  While her colorful Puma gloves add a dramatic effect to her entire golf attire, they serve a much more important purpose for her game.



The key reason to wear a golf glove is grip. A golf glove is tackier than skin, particularly in hot weather, and will help to prevent the club from turning in your hand. Gloves also help create more friction between the grip and the gloved hand. Golfers with loose grips may find gloves particularly useful. Gloves have holes to allow for perspiration to evaporate into the air, keeping the hand and glove dry and your grip on the club firm.

Blister and Callous Prevention

If a golf club is gripped too tightly -- the repeated swing action might result in blisters or callouses. Though wearing a glove is not a solution, it can reduce the chances of blisters and callouses forming. Normally, a glove is usually worn on the "lead" hand -- the hand at the top of the grip.  But you can wear gloves on both hands for added protection.  

The glove should fit comfortably over your hand and serve as a second skin. It should stretch across your palm and the fingers should fit snugly without limiting your ability to firmly grip the club. 

While grip and protection are great reasons to wear a glove, the fashion factor shouldn't be discounted.  Most golf gloves are some combination of white with black accents.  But with a little internet searching, you can find that perfect glove to fit both your game and your style.  As major champion Lexi Thompson proves, a glove can be functional and fashionable.  

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