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"I was intimidated to take up golf because there are very few easy entries into the game for women. Dare to Golf changed that for me and I have now played in my company outing and customer outings. I love it........"

                       - Carly Nicholson, Atlanta Braves

Dare to Golf is a program that tells women everything they need to know about golf but were afraid or didn't know to ask.   It is based on the coaching principles of PGA Professionals Jackie Cannizzo and Lisa Chirichetti with over 30 years experience teaching golf and leading women’s initiatives.

Dare to Golf is:  Bold, Fun, Inclusive, Healthy, Safe, Friendly, Community-based, Active and Builds Relationships.

Dare to Golf Provides:  Knowledge about the game, a coaching program, practical learning, a path to success and a team dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.


Dare to Golf Offers: Flexible, Affordable, Practical Coaching for all skill levels.

“It’s really not the golf that matters, truth be told.  It’s the secret club.  It’s the secret language. It’s being in the game, being where decisions are made.  And that means being on the golf course.”

- Leslie Andrews, LPGA Teaching Professional

Most recently, Jackie has been inspired by the wisdom of Becky Blalock, retired CIO of Southern Company and best-selling author of “DARE” and its core principles:

  1. Dare to Begin Within – know what you want and what your values are

  2. Dare to be Bold – go for it, don’t let fear of failure hold you back

  3. Dare to Invest in Relationships – you can’t make your dreams come true by yourself


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